Minerva's designers, who have been involved in golf club sales for many years, have long been developing a concept.

A head that adds control to a distance-oriented club. In other words, we want to develop a head that not only hitting long distance, but also hitting the target. With this in mind, "MINERVA VALIENTE" was born.

The brand name "Minerva" is the English name of the guardian goddess "Athena" in Greek mythology. Let’s go to the field with "Minerva," the fighting guardian goddess.

Corazón Valiente

Want you to imagine. On the par 3 16th, he made a beautiful downhill 4-meter putt for birdie and a bounce back. Then, the most difficult hole, the 17th hole, 425 yards par 4, winds were against. Penalty zones on both sides. If we can get through this 17th, victory is in sight. On the tee, "Go straight!" and hope to the heavens? Or, "I can hit it straight and right where I want it!" Can you believe in yourself? This is the moment when the player's "brave heart" is truly tested. The "Corazón Valiente" inscribed on the face of MINERVA translates to "Brave Heart" in English. It is a thought of hitting that stroke with a "brave heart" that believes in oneself through accumulated efforts.


ARTEMIS, inscribed on the Minerva weight, is the Greek goddess of bows and arrows who could shoot through distant objects. It is a symbol of Minerva's "Distance & Control" concept, which is to hit farther and more accurately.

The AEGIS inscribed on the other weight is the name of a warship, which may sound familiar, but it is actually the name of a shield given to Minerva to ward off all evil.

I hope you will attack every tee shot with the "bow" of the goddess that shoots through the distance and the "shield" of the evil one that excludes misfortune.